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Like a lot of photographers out there, my love for photography began in the high school darkroom and my love for newborn photography after I had my first baby. Where I really took a detour from the traditional photographers “about me” bio is when I dove into photo retouching. I was a recent graduate of the University of Oregon thinking I was going to do advertising photography so I went to Brooks Institute of Photography to learn some technical know-how for products. I had an awesome Photoshop teacher for one of my elective classes and a new path was born. 

I abandoned all desire of being an advertising photographer and worked for a retouching house in Los Angeles for a bit, moved home to Seattle and worked for the image production team at Nordstrom and did countless other freelance retouching gigs. You get the picture, I spent a lot of time at my desk with just about every type of imagery in front of me possible from bare naked (boudoir) ladies to backcountry shovels to diamond rings and celebrity portraiture. 

3 years ago I needed something new and committed to learning newborn photography. Combining my Photoshop background and my ever improving newborn photography has been a complete game changer for me. It’s helped me develop my own look and style, it’s helped me shorten the time a baby needs to spend in my studio and has allowed my creativity to blossom. 

Is my work perfect? Of course not. I’m sure you’ll find a mistake in a mask or a lighting issues I could have fixed that would have made my shot better. There are certainly many better newborn photographers out there that are vastly superior in their posing skills- you might very well be one of them. But I strive to improve every day and learn from my peers as well as share my own knowledge. I’m excited to share that journey with you here on https://www.photoshopfornewbornphotographers.com

Paige is the owner of Glean + Co Photography in beautiful Boise, Idaho. She lives with her husband, sons Crewe, Blade and Bowen and one crazy Portuguese Water Dog, Mayla. 

Check out her passion project, the Boise Rainbow Project to see where her love of newborn composite imagery was born.


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